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Local Event Streaming for Stanthorpe & The Granite Belt

Keeping connected with family, friends, employees and customers has never been more important than it is now during these difficult times.

With social distancing restrictions, the way live events are now offered, has dramatically changed for the foreseeable future.

We offer this service to the Granite Belt region in a bid to help keep local residents connected with events in the local community.


Keeping you connected with the local Granite Belt community.

We can provide streaming solutions for your business or event, using the latest technology and locally provisioned. We can cater for a wide variety of events and can offer both live streaming as it happens along with video on demand.

  • Private Events with restricted access
  • Public Events with open access.
  • Weddings, Birthdays & Funerals.
  • Live Music, Theatre & Entertainment.
  • Business Streams for Training & Webinars.
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Betterway Media

We provide professional online video streaming services and printed publications to Stanthorpe, The Granite Belt & beyond.



"Our daughter is a marketing executive and her feedback on the live stream was really positive compared to my fathers in law 2 years ago in Brisbane. She said she really felt included because you did comprehensively scan the church and a few occasions. Nice touch. And the photo reel at the end was a really lovely finish. Thanks again."

Dino and Antonia Arena

"Hi Mark, I just wanted to say thank you. You did an awesome job with the livestream. The service that you provided was far more professional than I had expected with the real time switching between cameras making it a pleasure for the remote viewers. I managed to convince two of my brothers who could not attend personally to watch the live stream. Both were quite sceptical of doing so but were blown away by the result! By the time I sat down in the church after my eulogy both had sent an SMS telling me how awesome the live stream was, with one even saying that he is now convinced that “this is the only way to attend a funeral” as he could enjoy and grieve in the privacy of his home! You did an awesome job man, and provide a very valuable service. I wish you all the best in the future and will certainly recommend you unreservedly."

Ray Duck

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If you would to know to more about streaming your live events, or need help using the service, please contact us using the form below. Our contact details are also are the footer of the page.